Monday, August 10, 2015

There are Benefits to Using Social Media to Aid in the Recruitment of Potential Candidates

1.  Expand Your Employer Brand – Social media offers a lot of opportunity to spread the good news about the company and your culture. People with like interests will naturally follow, so when you include a job post, you are marketing your opportunities to people with an interest or connection to your company.

2. Tap into Talent Pools – There are mini communities all over the web where people share like interests, and those passive professionals are your target. 

3. Capture Referrals – Social media makes it easier than ever to get people to share opportunities. Having your job opportunities “go viral” is a little unlikely in the current social media atmosphere, but using the social platforms will garner referrals quicker than traditional methods.

4. Budget Friendly – Each social media platform has its own unique structure, but most outreach is free of charge. It can be time consuming to understand how to get the best impact without spending money, but if you’ve done your homework, you can achieve some great exposure for very little investment.

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