Friday, January 25, 2013

A Hiring Manager's Perspective On What Not To Say In An Interview

What Not To Say In An Interview

Here’s another great question from the community:
Thank you for your show. I have heard you speak a lot in your program about a greater desire to hire a person with hunger, drive, and an itch to learn, over a person that is blasé, experienced, and simply says I can do that.
Two questions:
  • How do I avoid the I can do that statement?
  • How do I convey the idea of my hunger is better than his experience?
Thank you very much!
Thanks Richard! I do say a lot that I will not hire a person who says, “I can do that” when I’m explaining a position. Now, keep in mind that you are reading this, and not hearing the inflection in my voice.
I’m not talking about someone who is excited, I mean someone who says it in a way of, “it’s not my dream job, but I’ll do it for pay.” That’s the person I will not hire.
Instead, I want someone who is sitting on the edge of their seat telling me that they WANT the the job I’m talking about. That they would be excited to be a part of something that I’m doing.
That person has a considerably better chance at getting hired. Why? Because I’ve been doing this too long. And one thing I’ve discovered, you can train skills, but you can’t train passion.
As to your second question, I don’t want someone who is hungry for a J-O-B, I want someone who is hungry for my incredible, amazing, phenomenal opportunity that I am providing, that changes the lives of other people.
I’m not in this for me. I’m in it for the people on the other end of my message. Therefore, I want to surround myself with people who are as well. If all you want is a J-O-B, you’re going to run off the very people I’m trying to help.
Therefore, show me how you have a passion to help my customer, and you have a great shot at it.
Thanks again Richard!