Friday, June 10, 2011

Agriculture Ready For Change

Agriculture is ready for change

A distinguished professor from Iowa State University in the Department of Sociology, Cornelia Flora, says that reducing financial risks and improving sustainability are important to everyone and public policy should move in that direction.

“We need a long-range approach on how we use the land,” said Flora, emphasizing the need to be more sustainable.  “And farmers are already making adjustments.”

Using new crop rotations, planting fruit trees on marginal land that will keep soil in place, and having cattle graze on grasslands are some changes that Flora would like to see.

Flora says the goal of any future change should not be to decrease productivity but to be more sustainable while at the same time making money.

Citation: “Time is now for transformative change in agriculture, says ISU professor.” Midwest Producer. (2011).Retrieved June 9 2011.

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